Mario Kart Wii – Review

*walks in, stumbling over coffee table*

I finally… got it! Mario Kart Wii!


Mario Kart Wii – Review

Console: Wii

Since the great disappointment that was Mario Kart: Double Dash for the GameCube, Nintendo stepped up their game with Mario Kart for the DS. So, that left fans wondering – could this series get any better?

That question was answered in April of 2008; and was it ever.

Playability- [8/10] (Replacing “Plot” with this, because there’s really no plot to Mario Kart)

While there is a lot to unlock in Mario Kart Wii, its only downfall is a lack of modes to play on. For me, the single most frustrating point is the lack of a mode that does not involve 12 characters, all racing at once. I personally enjoy a race with just two or three people [i]more[/i] than a gigantic Grand Prix. But that’s just me.

As I said before, there is plenty to unlock – there are a grand total of 15 unlockable characters (I’m partial to King Boo and Rosalina), as well as four hidden Cups with four new courses each, and lots of karts and bikes as well. While it can get repetitive, MK Wii has decent replay value.

Gameplay- [10/10] When you get the game, you will most likely spend a good ten minutes swearing and screaming at your television screen, while you get used to the Wii Wheel. But after that, it’s pure bliss.

The Wii Wheel provides an immerseful, intuitive gameplay experience that has been attempted by other games (Such as Excite Truck) but not truly perfected. Mario Kart Wii has perfected it, and it is smooth in the same way that the controls of Super Mario Galaxy were – completely faultless. The way that the turning of the wheel makes your kart turn on screen is addictive, and leaves you wanting more.

Of course, if the Wii Wheel isn’t what tickles your fancy, you can always use the Wii Remote & Nunchuk, the Classic Controller, or the ever-popular GameCube controller.

Graphics- [10/10] The graphics are just about as good as a Mario game can get. It’s hard to make cartoon people look any more realistic. The game utilizes similar graphics to Super Mario Galaxy, which was incredible, so of course this game will receive the same score.

Final Score- [8/10] While Mario Kart Wii is lots of fun to play, and certainly the best Mario Kart title thus far, it’s not much different in playability than its predecessors, a fact which brings down the score to an 8. Overall, however, Mario Kart Wii is definitely a must-buy if you are a Wii owner. [b]A[/b]


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