The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Review

Story:10/10~ This takes place, about 100 years after OoT, when the Link left Hyrule for Termina. It’s set across a vast ocean, covered with islands, and, in the beginning of the game, your character wakes up on his home island, Ouset. His sister tells him to go see his grandmother, and she gives him the green clothes. Shortly after, Link’s sister (Ayrll) is kidnapped, and the adventure begins.

Gameplay: 9/10~ The controls were so simple, a cave man could do it. xD. Anyway, controling Link is easy, because you assign items to buttons on the controller, much like OoT and MM. Although, the LARGE amount of sailing becomes tedious.

Plot Twists: Wow. Lot’s of things are revealed along the way in this adventure, and nothing will stop you from wondering “What will happen next?”

Overall: 9/10~ It would of gotten a ten, but the sailing.. Ugh…[/


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