Super Paper Mario Review

Super Paper Mario- Nintendo Wii

Since the release of Twilight Princess, the Wii has had a drought of adventure/RPG games. It’s been one mini-game collection after another. Well, the clouds have come, and it’s about to rain. The drought is over, and Wii owners need wait no more.

It seems Mario can change to any genre, yet still be loved to death. Party, platformer, RPG, sport, mystery; yes, Mario has ventured into almost every genre imaginable. The man in red is doing it again in the platformer/RPG adventure, Super Paper Mario.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you boot up the game, and enter the first chapter, is the combat style. In the first two Paper Mario installments, combat was handled in the classic RPG style. Turn-taking battles; at points they were fun, at others… not so much. But in the newest installment in the series, Mario returns to his roots; stomping and hammering his enemies to death in the classic platforming format.

There are noticeable changes to the gameplay, though. Replacing the partners from the first two games, are Pixls. Small fairy-like creatures that grant Mario special abilities such as laying bombs, or shrinking to minuscule size. These creatures also replace the curses that were set upon Mario in Paper Mario 2. One thing which I dislike about the gameplay is the constant opening and closing of the menu. It can be done fast, but its still annoying.

I’ve one last thing to mention about the gameplay, and that is the addition of playable characters OTHER than Mario. There are three new characters to play as: the king of koopas, Bowser, the pretty princess, Peach, and… one secret character which I will not reveal in this review.

Alright, let’s get off the topic of gameplay and move onto the story.

Super Paper Mario is the home of the best plot ever featured in a Mario game, thus far. If you thought Paper Mario 2’s plot was filled with mystery, then wait ‘till you see Super Paper Mario’s. The twists are unpredictable, and, if nothing else, you’ll play the game just to find out how it ends. I’ll give you a short overview of the beginning:

The evil Count Bleck captures Princess Peach and Bowser, and forces them to marry. This results in a chaotic rip in the sky, which will soon devour the world. Mario is summoned by Merlon, a denizen of the city of Flipside, which is located between dimensions. He tells Mario that he must find the eight Pure Hearts in order to stop the Void from devouring all worlds.

I know what you’re thinking. It may not sound too great, but it is once you get into the meat of the game. Trust me.

Super Paper Mario isn’t one of those games that will provide 50 hours worth of gameplay, or a high difficulty. It starts out quite easy, and gradually gets harder, by maybe… the forth, maybe fifth chapter, you’ll start scratching your head in thought. I’m currently on the final chapter, and have died numerous times, due to lack of healing items, and being assaulted by enemies while trying to solve a strange puzzle. I’ve put around… 18 hours into the game, thus far, and am on my way to finishing it. So don’t expect this to be a great big adventure like Zelda.

There are quite a few side-quests though. I’m sure you could put +40 hours into the game if you did all of them. I’ve only done one or two, and am planing to do as many as I can during my second play through.

A great game, that’ll keep you hooked to the very end. If you’ve got a Wii, there is no reason, not to pick this up.


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