Luminous Arc Review

Luminous Arc Review

Platform: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Atlus

Atlus has proven itself on Nintendo’s system this gen, with Trauma Center and Trauma Center: Second Opinion, with a third coming later this year. But what else can Atlus do? Well, the answer is simple, and here it is: one hell of an SRPG.

The games story is this: Witches destroyed the earth 1000 years ago, and now they’re back. The Luminous Church has trained a special squad known as the ‘Garden Children’ to condemn the witches. Sounds stupid, well, it is up until around the halfway point. The story has a lot of twists and turns, and the characters are great and well developed.

The game is a standard SRPG, so it doesn’t revolutionalize the genre. You’re characters fight it out in a 2½d battlefield filled with baddies. The goal of all the fights is to kill everything, plain and simple. Here is where most of my gripes come in. Lag, lag, lag, and lag. When there are a ton of monsters on the screen, and sometimes when characters perform their special moves, the game has an immense amount of slowdown. The game’s visuals are nothing amazing, and the DS should (and can) pull this off. So what’s the problem? Next, you have to confirm everything! After I choose the right command, I just mash the A button. It gets quite annoying later on, though throughout the first couple battles it’s not much of a problem.

Music and audio is a subject I won’t spend much time on. The music… is mediocre. It’s a problem with most games these days. I’ve nothing to say other than that. A high point here is the voice acting. I thought the voice-over was, save certain characters, good and well done.

I like this game, I really do. But I really don’t think you should pick it up unless you’re an SRPG fan. I’m hoping the sequel will take everything from this game, and improve it.



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