Guitar Hero III Review

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Stars: *****


The first thing that anyone can say about this game, the first good thing they can say, is that the track list is amazing. I want to go buy the soundtrack. Featuring songs like My Name is Jonas by Weezer, and Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses, it’s no wonder that this is by far the greatest Guitar Hero yet.

The Strum Bar: It was made longer, easier to strum on, and clicking was reduced.

The Whammy Bar: It was made easier to press down on rapidly, unlike previous games.

The fact that the controllers are now wireless, (with the exception of the PS2) It is now way easier when you memorize a song to jam about the playing area dancing and kicking without unhooking the controller, screwing up your jam session.

Once again, I state this is the best Guitar Hero yet, and something that will again bring more players to the game world. (Heck, I got my sister on there)


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